My Wedding Planner is different

My Wedding Planner is different
Look at the ordinary in an extraordinary way is what fascinates me, where I find inspiration. An innate predisposition but also a great job, that made me more and more imperfect and out of the scheme.
I founded Le Rêve in 2010 promising myself that no challenge would have been too big and no detail too small, that I wouldn’t never fall in the rhetoric and into banality, that I wouldn’t let myself overwhelm.

I forced my eyes not to be easily fooled just by the appearence and, above all, I never stopped to “stealing” with my eyes and in respectful silence from those who know more than me, because every day is a good one to learn something new. No one has ever totally arrived in this job, and if you stop being curious you’ll stop. This is a creative world made of feelings and passions, of colours and perfumes, of dedication and perseverance, but more than anything else is made of people, which we often forget, in work and in life.

We sell what we are and what we have learned, so in this small description of me not dwell on how important it is to create the event you want, meet your dream and make it real: this is and remains a certainty. Writing about ourselves is tricky so this time I use the words of a special bride who, in a nice message after her wedding, has enclosed in a simple sentence her thought of me: “my wedding planner is different”, and I’m proud of it.
Elisa Orsetti

With Le Rêve, the event will talk about you

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Le Rêve is a luxury full service planning and design company based in Rome Italy and working throughout the country and with clients from around the world, with over a thirteen years of experience.
By your side to create something truly unique and memorable with such a tailored service that couples will often  fell like they are our only clients.
We will always work closely with you to understand  your needs and desires, become part of the “family “ and confidant.
For us is an incredibile  privilege  to partecipate in your story and we work hard and even more  to ensure you the best wedding ever, offering always flawlessly executed weddings and events.

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Email: info@eventilereve.it

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